nano Trace Elements

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Takes care of all the micronutrient needs of your plants.

No Trace of Deficiency To Be Spared!

All sustainable, 100% natural ingredients.


When to use it?
Yellow leaves, brittle leaves, small, stunted leaves or leaves with holes on them suggest that the plant is suffering from Micronutrient deficiency. Using HomeCrop’s Nano Trace elements once a week from the seedling stage helps avoid such deficiencies and ensures great overall plant health.

How to use it?
Use it regularly as foliar spray or drip-feeding. Take 5ml per litre of water as a foliar spray, at the first incidence of a sign of deficiency. Use it once in 4 days to fix the deficiencies.

How does it help?
It provides quick recovery from trace element deficiencies and stimulates plant growth, by enhancing fertility in plants.
Unlike salt-form fertilisers, Nano trace elements are more effective for readily closing nutrient deficiencies. As these are delivered in a form similar to that found in the plant body, plants can absorb and metabolise these trace elements by different routes, hence better utilisation of nutritional elements.

What sort of diseases does it help?
Deficiency in trace minerals can lead to a variety of problems, ranging from increased vulnerability to pest damage, poor root development, difficulty with the absorption of micronutrients, and weaker immunity.


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