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Our all-inclusive vegetable grow kits make growing your own fresh, organic vegetables super easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Set Up

a) Bag

The bag is porous in nature which drains out the excess water effectively. There is no need add any additional holes. However, the mix remains intact.

b) Nutrition Brick and Cocopeat Brick

Please refer to the how-to video above to know more.

It is a custom blend made from plant-based extracts that provides micro and macro nutrients necessary for the plant growth.

Simply add the contents of the nutritional pouches given to the expanded cocopeat and mix well. Your mix is now ready to use. Refer to the how-to video above to know more.

c) Seeds

Yes, the seeds given are 100% non-GMO.

Add back the remaining seeds into an air tight zip lock cover to prevent moisture or air from entering into the cover, which otherwise can drastically reduce the rate of germination.

d) Placement

Identify a place that receives at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight, which is the most important pre-requisite for growing vegetables. Furthermore, please ensure the place doesn’t attract any uninvited guests like pigeons and monkeys

If your bag is placed in a place with less sunlight, plant growth will be extremely slow. Furthermore, its ability to produce flowers and vegetables will be reduced. If your bag is placed in a place that receives no sunlight, your plant will die in less than 14 days after germination!

Your planter will grow well in normal temperature ( 21-30°C). Keep in mind that in higher temperatures, your planter will need more water to keep growing. Additionally, if temperatures are very low most of the day, your seeds may be slow to germinate.

e) Planting/Sowing Seeds

We recommend planting at least 4 seeds spaced evenly in the bag.

The recommended sowing depth is ½ inch (1.5 CM). Please note that there will be no germination if the seeds are sown too deep. Do not forget to gently cover your seeds after sowing. If left uncovered, your seeds may not be moist enough to sprout.

Your seeds take anywhere between 5-14 days to germinate. If that’s not the case it may be due to the non-ideal conditions. If the temperature is very low, then they may take even longer to germinate or if you have sown the seeds too deep, then you may not see any germination. In case, you don’t see sprouts even beyond 20 days, try planting the extra seeds. Even if this doesn’t work, call on our support number and we will replace the seeds for free.

No transplanting is necessary. You can sow and harvest from the same bag.


It depends on the temperature in your area. If it is too hot, it may be necessary to water every day. Here is how you can check: Stick your finger inside the mix for up to 2 inches deep. If you feel that the mix is moist there is no need to water. If you find that the mix is dry, it is a cue that your plant needs water. DO NOT OVER-WATER!

This happens when the mix is too dry or the mix turns very hard. In case the mix looks hardened, loosen the mix and try adding water. In case you the mix is too dry, fork out about 2 inches, add water and mix different layers of mix to moisten it, post which it will start holding the water.

No, it is recommended that you grow only one plant per bag. Growing more than one plant leads to overcrowding.

After germination, if you notice there are many sprouts, then thin the plants. Wait the till the plants become 3-5 inches tall. Retain the sapling that looks visibly healthy. Pull out all the other saplings by the part of the stem closest to the mix. You can transplant the extra saplings to other pots if you wish to grow all of them. Be careful not to disturb the sapling that is being retained. Another method you can use is to cut the stems of the excess saplings as close to the mix as possible. However, in this method, you may need to continually trim the stems to prevent them from growing again.

No, it does not hurt your plant. As a matter of fact, it helps by reducing the competition between plants for nutrients and spacing.

Thinning is necessary to be able create required space for the roots and the plant to grow healthily and bear more veggies.

You can still thin them by cutting the excess plants as close to the mix as possible.

It is the food for your plants. While the mix contains all the nutrients that you plant needs during the growth phase, additional plant food is necessary to provide the plants with extra nutrients during critical phases: flowering and fruiting. Please spray the recommended dosage once in every week, with the first spray after 40 days after germination. Refer to this link to know how to use plant feed ( Refer to the post set up care guide ( for complete information about the care.

It is extremely important to provide your plant with extra nutrients at different phases of its growth without which you may notice small stunted leaves, brown or red edges, yellowing between the veins of the leaves etc. which are the signs of nutritional deficiencies in plants. This may lead to your plant bearing less fruits etc.

Please refer our post set up care guide for more information ( In case you still have questions, please reach out to us on our support number: 8179982232

After germination the plant takes at least 3-4 months before you can see the harvest. Patience is the key!


You can gauge roughly using the shadow test:

Around mid-day, place your hand ~1ft above where your plant will sit and spread your fingers wide.

Look at the shadow cast by your hand. A well-defined shadow means your light is strong, while fuzzier and fainter shadows mean you may need to supplement it with a grow light.

Yes of course. You can use the bag with the mix multiple times. However, before sowing new seeds or planting a new plant, solarize (sun-dry) the mix for two days and add nutritional supplements ( to the mix to replenish the nutrients that were used by the previous plant. That’s all it’s now ready for the new plant!

Yes, you can grow other plants too using the kit. But make sure to fertilize the plant well during its growth and add nutritional supplements before you add a new plant.

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