Leafy Greens Grow Kits (All Varieties)


Grow nutritious fresh greens all year round!

No big backyard? No prior experience in growing? No problem. Our Perfect potting mix blend helps you grow freshest greens right at your home. Our breathable fabric grow bag doesn’t just look great in your home, but it is durable, drains well and delivers more oxygen to your plant roots, which makes it the best choice. Taste the difference with your fresh homegrown greens in salads, pastas, sandwiches!

The kit includes the following:

1. Breathable Fabric Grow Bag
2. Cocopeat Bricks Nutrition Pouch
4. Leafy Greens Seeds of your choice


1. Grow at your home all year round
2. 100% Eco-Friendly
3. Non-GMO
4. Proudly made in India

Choose Your Seed Variety Below:

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Leafy Greens Variety

Spinach, Chukka Kura, Amaranthus, Sorrel Leaves (Red & White), Malabar Spinach, Methi, Coriander


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