Humic Acid Liquid Concentrate

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Restores the fertility of the soil!

All sustainable, 100% natural ingredients.


When to use it?
Can be used regularly as it shows results at all stages of a plant’s life. Indoor Potted plants’ nutrients are easily depleted. HomeCrop’s biosmart humic liquid is an easy fix to that depletion.

How to use it?
Take 2-4 ml per litre of water and apply either to the root medium or spray it on the leaves to enhance the growth of plants under normal and adverse conditions. Use it once a week for the best results.

How does it help?
It is extracted from Vermicompost in a cold process to derive Bioactive Humic and Fulvic Substances with Bioenergiser. These Humic & Fulvic substances are extremely important for transporting nutrients from the soil to the plant because they can hold onto Ionised nutrients, preventing them from leaching away. The humic acid provides bioenergy and enhances plant foliar nutrient absorption and their translocation, which helps in the retention of flowers and attracts pollinators.

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