Growth Optimiser (250 ml)


❀IMPROVE THE GROWTH OF PLANTS – This Bio Smart Growth Optimiser can be used successfully on all your indoor houseplants and outdoor potted flowers regrowth with 100% natural ingredients which has made without any chemicals. When you sprayed it during Growth Phases of Plants, Activates The Secondary Messengers in the Plant Cells which Aids in enhanced Enzymatic activities in Plants, Thus Promoting Higher Growth.
❀EASY & SAFE TO USE – With all-natural sustainable resources, Bio Smart Growth Optimiser Applied Either To The Root Medium or To Leaves Enhanced The Growth And Yield of Vegetables and other Crops, including Agronomic and Horticultural Crops as well as Medicinal and Aromatic Crop Plants Under Normal and Adverse Conditions.
❀NATURAL PLANT NUTRIENTS FOR HEALTHY ROOT – This plant growth stimulator, Bio Smart Growth Optimiser helps in Optimal and Prolonged Opening of Stomata on the Leaves of The Plant Thereby Enabling the Plant to Enhance Photosynthesis For a Longer Period Which Directly enhances The Crop Yields.
❀FAST & CONTINUOUS – Home Crop Bio Smart Growth Optimiser Liquid Promotes Enhanced Vegetative Growth in all types of Plants .
❀100% HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS – With high-quality ingredients, it can helps in strong root development.

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