White Line Reducer

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The only solution for the white line pest that you see on the leaves.

White lines are Red Flags!

All sustainable, 100% natural ingredients.

Size: 50 ML


When to use it?
Spray at first incidence of whitelines & subsequent 2-3 follow-up sprays are needed in 5-7 days time interval.
How to use it? Mix 3-5ml of oil in one litre of water and properly spray the solution on the leaves, while making sure every leaf is completely wet.

How does it help?
Unlike insecticidal sprays and other pest repellants, White Line Reducer solutions penetrate the leaf and stop the leaf miners(white line causing pest) from munching on your plant’s leaves.

What sort of diseases does it help?
A white line reducer is used to manage leaf miner pest attacks which are insect larvae that eat leave-tissue from inside, leaving a white trail. Miner pests can potentially damage a plant’s capacity to produce fruit and vegetables. It is a very common problem for tomato & gourd plants.


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