Neem Oil

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For chemical-free all-around protection from insects.

Ending war on insects on a sweet note? Not our business!

All sustainable, 100% natural ingredients.


When to use it?
It could be used as a preventative method or pest control, depending upon the situation. One important point to remember is to use it during the morning or evening hours and avoid the middle of the day, as the combination of neem oil and direct sunlight can burn the plants.

How to use it?
Mix 3-5ml of the oil in one litre of warm water and properly spray the mixture on the leaves, while making sure every leave is completely wet. Use it once per week to ensure maximum protection.

How does it help?
Neem oil provides complete protection against insects as it repels insects at all stages of development – Adult, Larvae, and Egg
When you spray this on plant leaves, it forms a thin uniform coating of neem oil. The neem oil coating prevents Mycelial Penetration, hence providing protection from many fungal diseases and tackling the causes of many plant diseases. Photosynthesis, transpiration, and other plant functions happen normally.

What sort of diseases does it help?
Neem Oil can be used to treat several garden ailments by repelling many harmful insects and mites, including Aphids, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Cabbage Worms, etc. Neem Oil is also effective in preventing fungal diseases such as black spots, rust, and mildew.


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