Neem Oil


  • IMPROVE THE GROWTH OF PLANTS: This Homecrop Bio Smart Neem Oil organic contains Azadirachtin as the active ingredient, formulated as Oil. Azadirachtin is The Marker Active Compound and all other Components of Neem Seed Kernel Have Remained Intact In The Extract Without Being Fractionated. Azadirachtin Extract, Actives Like Nimbin And Nimbidin, And All Other Natural Bitter Principles, Actives, Solvent And Emulsifiers Constitute The Formulation Composition.
  • EASY & SAFE TO USE: With all-natural sustainable resources, Homecrop Bio Smart Neem Oil Plant Fertilizer are safe to use. Apart from that, you can easily use it. When you sprayed this on Plant Surface Forms a thin Uniform Coating on the leaves. The Thin Coating does not interfere with the process of Photosynthesis or Transpiration. The Thin Coating offers Barrier to Mycelial Penetration Thus Supressing the Growth of Many Fungal Diseases and Reduces Plant Pathogenicity.
  • NATURAL PLANT NUTRIENTS FOR HEALTHY ROOT: This plant growth stimulator, organic Neem Oil can be used to treat a number of Garden Ailments by Repelling many harmful insects and Mites, including Aphids, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Cabbage Worms etc. Neem Oil is also effective in preventing fungal diseases such as black spot, rust, and mildew. It can be used successfully on all your indoor houseplants and outdoor potted flowers regrowth with 100% natural ingredients & without any chemicals.
  • FAST & CONTINUOUS: These neem oil is designed in such a way that its all-purpose plant formula. It’s a popular choice of Organic Gardening because it is Nontoxic to beneficial garden insects such as Predatory Wasps, Honeybees, Earthworms, Ants, Spiders, Ladybugs, and Adult Butterflies. It’s also considered as Nontoxic to Birds, and other animals as well and can be used on fruits, Vegetables, and Flowering Plants also. As Neem Oil Breaks Down Quickly and Leaves No Lasting Residue.
  • 100% HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: With high-quality ingredients, Neem Oil is a Natural Derivative of the Neem Tree (Azadirachta Indica), an Evergreen variety native to India. Neem Oil Repels insects at all stages of Development – Adult, Larvae and Egg. The Active Chemical in Neem Oil, Azadirachtin, Gets Rid of Insects in different ways: Neem Oil Acts an Antifeedant & as a Hormone Disruptor. Azadirachtin will force the insect or pest to stop eating the leaves.

Size: 250 ML

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