Ridge Gourd Seeds


It will be gourd for you to know that you can eat the skin of ridge gourds too!

Ridge gourd, a prominent vegetable in Indian cuisine, is available in two varieties. It is known locally as “Turai” in Hindi, “Jhinge” in Bengali, “Beerakaya” in Telugu, and “Peerkangai” in Tamil. The flavor of this green fleshy vegetable is inherently bland and insipid. As a result, after being appropriately seasoned with spices to enhance its flavour, it is often used to produce many traditional “desi” foods. Despite its bland and uninteresting flavour, it has a long list of health advantages, including weight loss, eye health, and immunity.

Ridge gourd Plants are prone to attack mainly by thrips which can be best prevented using HomeCrop’s Neem Oil.



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