nano Calcium


  • IMPROVE THE GROWTH OF PLANTS: This BioSmart Nano Calcium Plant Fertilizer can be used successfully on all your indoor houseplants and outdoor potted flowers regrowth with 100% natural ingredients which has made without any chemicals. Blossom end rot in tomato, capsicum is due to deficiency of Calcium in plants. Homecrop Bio Smart Nano Calcium is a unique and Novel Calcium Fortifier that can addresses Blossom end rotting issue effectively in a quick manner.
  • EASY & SAFE TO USE: With all-natural sustainable resources, Homecrop Bio Smart Nano Calcium is a Nanometer Sized Calcium embedded in a Matrix of Aminoacid and Bioencapsulated Employing Biopolymers as a Colloidal Micro Emulsion for better Absorption of Calcium.
  • NATURAL PLANT NUTRIENTS FOR HEALTHY ROOT: This Homecrop Bio Smart Nano Calcium strengthens cell wall structure and Calcium which is an essential Part of plant cell wall. It forms Calcium Pectate Compounds which give stability to cell walls and Bind Cells Together.
  • FAST & CONTINUOUS: These tablets can be used on regular basis and release food sources that ensure the regularly blooming and flower formation of your plants. This Nano Calcium Plant Fertilizer is designed in such a way that its all-purpose plant formula directly reaches into the soil of potted plants.
  • 100% HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: With high-quality ingredients, it can helps in strong root development.

Size: 250 ML

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