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5 organic fertilizers you can make at home

By 1st August 2020No Comments

Many novice gardeners often associate the word ‘fertilizer’ with chemicals and shun away the idea of adding fertilizers to plants. It is a common misconception that all fertilizers are chemicals. However, the reality is fertilizers can be completely organic and a fertilizer is simply something that aids in nutrient intake for plants.

Here are 5 fertilizers that provide abundant nutrients to your plants and can be easily made at home:

  • Banana Peel Fertilizer

Banana is rich in potassium which is one of the key nutrient required by plants. You can directly add banana peel to soil for decomposing or soak in water and spray on plants.

  • Egg shell fertilizer

Egg shells are a great source of calcium for plants. Just like humans, calcium deficiency is a disorder in plants. A classic sign of calcium deficiency is plants developing rot or brown spots on the bottom of the fruit. In tomatoes it is known as bottom end rot. Adding egg shells to plants will minimize this. Crush egg shells finely and add them to soil for faster decomposition.


  • Vinegar

Vinegar is rich in acetic acid which drives away some pests, insects and improves soil acidity. Do not add too much of it as plants die if acid in soil increases. Dissolve two spoons vinegar and one spoon sugar in one litre water and spray to plants.


  • Weed Tea

Yes, it is true that weeds damage your plants and compete with plants in nutrient intake. But, weeds are rich in nitrogen. This nitrogen can be transferred back to plants through weed tea. Once the weeds are pulled out, add them to a 20 litre bucket (do not add weeds more than one fourth of bucket) and let is soak for two weeks. You ll notice that the water has turned brown like tea. Your liquid fertilizer is ready for spraying on plants.


PC: Rural Sprout

  • Green Tea or Coffee Grounds

Leftover tea leaves and coffee grounds do make a great fertilizer for acidic plants like potatoes, beans and tomatoes. You can soak the left over tea or coffee ground in water and use it for plants.


PC: The Spruce

Making these fertilizers at home takes the fun of gardening to a whole new level. It can also be a great family activity with kids on weekends. Harvesting the veggies they helped grow will motivate the kids to eat them.


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