Amaranthus Seeds


Also known as Red math, Lal chauli, Red Spinach.

Amaranthus is all-season leafy vegetation with a slight preference to warm weather. It’s easy to grow and harvest multiple times from one plantation. Rich source of iron, vitamins, and minerals. Consumed just like spinach.

Amaranthus is generally safe from pests and diseases, however using HomeCrop’s Plant Feed for maximum yield is advisable.

Sunlight Requirement: Require good sunlight. Can also thrive in 5-6 hours of partial sunlight.
Sowing Depth: Sow seeds in a tray. Once they are 2-3 inches in height, transport them to a bigger pot
Space Between Seeds: 3-4 cm in a bigger tray
Harvest: 4-5 weeks. Use scissors to cut leaves and avoid cutting the basal stem of the plant as leaves regrow quickly.



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