Buy Eco-Friendly Fabric Grow Bags Online In India

Note: Colour of Fabric Grow Bags may vary

Our Smart Fabric Grow Bags Are The
Smart Way To Grow Vegetables

Our eco-friendly fabric grow bags make growing your own fresh, organic vegetables super easy.

Better Than Plastic

  • Reusable, washable and durable
  • Eco-friendly & BPA-free

Better For Plants

  • Prevents root circling therefore prevents stunted growth of plants
  • Promotes air pruning of the roots
  • Increase in root structure and mass as a result promotes accelerated growth of plants and yields
  • Promotes aeration; lets beneficial microbial life thrive in growing media
  • Regulates temperature; superior insulation keeps the plants warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Prevents over-watering and root rot

Better For You

  • Completely flexible and mobile; can be folded and stored when not in use or carried along with you if you are moving place.
  • Handle makes it easy to carry different places around the rooftop/balcony/yard if sunlight only reaches certain areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabric is the grow bag made of?

The fabric is a breathable fabric made from recycled pet bottles. It is an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic pots.

What is the shelf life of the grow bags?

Minimum of 5 years exposed to sun and rain. They can last longer too subjected to maintenance.

Do we need to add any extra drainage holes?

No. There is no need to add any extra drainage holes as the fabric is porous in nature which helps with good drainage.

Can the bags be used for indoor gardening?

Yes. They can be used for indoor gardening.

Are the bags biodegradable?

No. They are not bio-degradable, but are eco-friendly in nature.

Does the color of the fabric leach into the soil?

No. The color of the fabric does not leach into the soil.

If the grow bag is porous in nature, does the water seep out from every side of the bag?

No. Water does not seep out from every side of the bag. Only the excess water is drained.

Do the grow bags lose shape after the mix is added?

The bags are firm. They do not lose out shape when the mix is added.

Are the grow bags washable?

Yes, the bags are washable. When they are not in use, they can be washed, folded and stored easily without using a lot of space.

Are the grow bags portable?

The bags come with handles (except for two sizes due to ergonomic reasons) that makes it easy to move them from one place to another without any hassle.

Do the bags need to be washed before use or are they ready to be used?

They are ready to be used for growing your plants. They do not need to be washed before planting.

Do the grow bags survive the monsoon if they are placed on the terrace?

Yes. They are suitable to be used during monsoon on the terrace.

What kind of plants can be grown in the bags?

We have a wide range of sizes available using which you can grow any plant from microgreens to leafy greens, vegetables, fruits to flowering plants etc. Please refer to our recommended usage details mentioned for each size.

What is the thickness of the grow bags?

The thickness varies between 350-500 GSM depending on the size.

Is it suggested that pebbles be added at the bottom of the bag?

Pebbles usually aid in good drainage. There is no need to add pebbles at the bottom as their porous nature facilitates good drainage.

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