Terrace Garden Kit XL


The Terrace Garden Kit XL is perfect for the seasoned urban gardener who wants to take their vegetable garden to the next level.

Container Type

  • Two 12 SFT Grow Beds (3 x 4 SFT)
  • 25 Smart Grow Bags (10 x 10 inches)

Vegetable Varieties

  • 8 Varieties of Leafy Greens
  • 6 Varieties of Vegetables


  • Potting Mix (330 KG)
  • Bio-Enrichers (60 KG)
  • Bio-Pesticides (200 ML)
  • Remote Support
  • Installation Services in Hyderabad only

Not Included:

  1. Raised structure/plates to be placed under the beds and the bags and is charged separately on request
  2. Green Shade net used in the summers for the protection of the plants is not included in the package
  3. Bird Net that is used for protection against birds
  4. Routine maintenance which includes periodic once in a week or once in 15 days is not included within the package and must be subscribed to separately

Please Note:

  1. Labour charges are additional for terraces located on 3rd floor and above.

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