Soil Probiotics


  • IMPROVE THE GROWTH OF PLANTS: This BioSmart Soil Probiotics organic plant fertilizer capsules can be used successfully on all your indoor houseplants and outdoor potted flowers regrowth with 100% natural ingredients which has made without any chemicals. It contains beneficial microbes and natural bio-stimulants which act as Bio Primers that help in deep proliferation of roots, robust vegetative growth, disease suppression & drought tolerance.
  • EASY & SAFE TO USE: With all-natural sustainable resources, BioSmart Soil Probiotics Plant Fertilizer capsules are safe to use. Apart from that, you can easily use it by just pushing 1 Plant Fertilizer capsule into the root zone near the center of your plant, and then you just have to provide water to see results. While using it, you can use only one tablet for small to medium size tank and 1/2 or 1/4 tab for Nano Tank.
  • NATURAL PLANT NUTRIENTS FOR HEALTHY ROOT: This plant growth stimulator, organic carbon offers a congenial microenvironment to roots and helps to stimulate plant root growth. Even its fermentation derivatives contain Cytokinins, Auxins, Gibberellins, and Betaines which aid in cell multiplication, cell elongation & vegetative growth with essential trace elements & vitamins.
  • FAST & CONTINUOUS: These tablets can be used on regular basis and release food sources that ensure the regularly blooming and flower formation of your plants. These tablets are designed in such a way that its all-purpose plant formula directly reaches into the soil of potted plants.
  • 100% HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: With high-quality ingredients, it can helps in strong root development. It has imparted drought tolerance, fungistatic action, decomposes biomass in soil, and has a fungistatic action. It helps in robust plant growth with protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin derived from the enzyme hydrolysis process contain useful Amino Acids.

Size: 50 Capsules

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1 review for Soil Probiotics

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lakshmi V

    I have used this since last year and found it extremely helpful and my vegetable garden sure did well with it.
    Definitely recommend it.

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