Plant Feed


  • IMPROVE THE GROWTH OF PLANTS: This Home Crop Bio Smart Plant Feed Has Nitrogen, Phosphorous ,Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Micro Elements Needed For Plants . It Has Cow Dung Extracts , Soil Extracts, Vermicompost Extracts . It Improves Uptake, Absorption And Utilization Of Nutrients It Enriches Garden Potting Soil/Mix.
  • EASY & SAFE TO USE: With all-natural sustainable resources, Home Crop Bio Smart Plant Feed Creates Stronger Cell Structure and Epidermis Layer Creating Stronger Plants And Thicker Stems (Increases Dry Weight).
  • NATURAL PLANT NUTRIENTS FOR HEALTHY ROOT: This plant growth stimulator, Home Crop Bio Smart Plant Feed can also be used as Plant Nutrition in case of Hydroponics .
  • FAST & CONTINUOUS: This Home Crop Bio Smart Plant Feed can be used on regular basis and release food sources that ensure the regularly blooming and flower formation of your plants. This is designed in such a way that its all-purpose plant formula directly reaches into the soil of potted plants.
  • 100% HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: With high-quality ingredients, it can helps in strong root development.

Size: 250 ML

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