Grow Seasonal Vegetables
With Year-Round Benefits

Growing your own food with Homecrop is easy, healthy and eco-friendly.

It’s Easy & Time-Saving

Know what's in your food

Grow fresh, toxin-free fruits and vegetables in the comfort of your home

Save time

Save shopping time and grow farm fresh vegetables right at your doorstep

Easy maintenance

We'll take care of installation and maintenance so you just have to enjoy the benefits

It’s Healthy & Therapeutic

Nutritious Diet

Eat more fruits and vegetables to meet daily nutritional requirements

Prevent disease

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been shown to prevent cancer, neurological disorders and allergies

Reduce stress

Gardening is a popular therapeutic activity which alleviates stress and tension

It’s Eco-Friendly & Efficient

Save electricity

Rooftop gardens can reduce the indoor temperature by 6 to 8 degrees

Save water

Edible gardens let you grow fresh fruits and vegetables with very little water

Fresh air

Gardens can increase the amount of oxygen and purify the air

Grow Toxin-Free Vegetables at Home

Get in touch with us to start your Vegetable Garden today!